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It's been a month. Let's post something.

I don't know how many of the TV shows I was watching before the Xmas break I'm going to pick up again. I still haven't seen last week's Supergirl and maybe I'm OK with that. I have been watching the pile of dumb that is Quantico and will probably stick with it when new episodes start up again; but if they try to drag this out more than a season, then no. I don't think I'm really going to try Agent Carter this year any more than other years; something about that show leaves me cold. Of sitcoms, I think Undateable is the one I'm really clinging to; Whitney Cummings is on it now, and it's wacky.

The big comic book movie I most want to see this year is Suicide Squad--even though it will not be the team from my old comics, and it will be a dumb, and probably too much stupid Batman. Yes, Wondy is in that Lex Luthor movie or whatever it is. Yes, Fox is finally doing a Deadpool movie. If I still had a nerd friend in town who would drag me to movies and pay for those, or something, that would be fine. But I'm not personally interested in the same way.

I am so poor I am not really planning to get Netflix. I have been buying a fair number of comics, even though it would be cheaper to trade-wait, and I kind of need to cut back. I'm not feeling really enthused about Kate Leth's Patsy Walker now that it's a real thing in my hands. Al Ewing's New Avengers is going to go back into crossover mode soon, I guess, and I'll be gone. Squirrel Girl is going to cross over with Howard the Duck, and I'm poor enough to use that as an excuse to stop buying that too--instead of buying the crossover. I kind of want to switch to non-Marvel stuff, maybe buy Usagi Yojimbo again, and am trying to talk myself into cutting out my Marvel titles. I'm not getting the new Captain Marvel, I've decided that.

Um, what else?

I kept thinking I would get in touch with the local Democratic Party last month, and I didn't, and I haven't, and I'm probably just going to show up at the Presidential primary and vote hopelessly for Bernie Sanders. Yeah.

I don't know from new music, nothing to say there, really. I find stuff when I find stuff.

Face brain

Oct. 23rd, 2015 09:41 pm
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Wow, Hawaii Five-0 is an irritating show. Or I've developed an over-sensitivity to expository dialogue and television goofiness. Like having a bunch of stunt motorcyclists on the show so they can play a gang of stunt motorcyclists who are also into highway robbery. And then having Chi McBride and Alex O'Loughlin be all frowny granddads at those "dangerous" motorcyclists. Arghh.

Anyway, I haven't watched in a while, but at the beginning of this episode, I decided to watch it because Kono (Grace Park) is actually in it. Which she is, kinda. Is there a reason they don't have her work with the other three main guys? She was partnered with Chi's character here, and not in a lot of it.

And then Victoria Pratt was a guest star, but sadly not also a superhero. When her character's husband was being murdered, I really wanted (and ridiculously half-expected) her to tackle the bad guy with mutant powers. But nope, not even Sarge's unarmed combat tactics.

But my brain insisted that Shalimar's catlike powers saving the day was what was supposed to happen next. I think I may be ill, if not in the early stages of some kind of mental disorder, because of what my waking brain is doing to me.

I was reading recently where someone was talking about actors who look similar.

It occurred to me while I was watching it that Victoria Pratt and Carrie Underwood (who I saw on what I think was a Tonight Show rerun this week) have some near-parallels in their appearance. Huh.

Then again, I was also trying to figure out whom Grace Park reminded me of. And I realized I've been watching SHIELD again. Is she kind of the Korean Adrianne Palicki? OK, that's not as close. But that seemed to be whom I was thinking of.
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(Warning: USA television stuff)

I've been watching Rake, a show where Greg Kinnear plays a rakish lawyer, on Fox, since it started. It started the same time NBC started doing lots of Olympics stuff and not showing Sean Saves the World. I was worried that Sean (and Mike Fox) would come back and I'd have to choose.

Nope! They're running Hollywood Game Night that hour. (I looked online: They canceled both shows, and Mike Fox is headed back to CBS's The Good Wife.) Thank you, NBC, for not wanting my eyeballs. (OK, I'll still watch Community. And I may even leave the TV on during Parks and Recreation, even as I direct the majority of my attention elsewhere.)

Rake was very likely to win, though.
I watched a lot of television yesterday. (Honestly, I probably would have even if I weren't stuck inside with the Arctic vortex dumping snow and dangerously cold air on my continent.)

Counting news, something like eight hours of broadcast television (albeit with commercials) and a 96-minute movie on DVD. (Disfigured)

I watched two CBS procedurals (Elementary and The Mentalist) and reruns of two USA shows (Burn Notice and White Collar). Whatever issues I have with White Collar's premise, I think the USA shows have better scripts overall than the CBS detective shows. I may just give up on those again.

I quite liked last night's The Good Wife. For a show about ethically dubious lawyers, it can have a sense of humor about it. This one had a case about rights to transformative work that made a good point about song covers that re-invent. And a funny cameo at the end.
I think Anna Faris's show Mom actually felt like an Anna Faris show with the beginning of the third episode.

It's kind of goofy, sentimental, and earnest overall, but that first-act sequence was actually well-done, I thought.

Still, now that Christy has broken up with her boss, it's very easy to see the whole workplace side of this show being written out. That might hurt the show, though, I think. Christy needs to leave the home set sometimes, and bouncing from job to job could just add an unneeded complexity.

Oh, I watched part of the latest Super Fun Night. The humiliation of Kimmie trying to lie about herself and her roommates got a bit too uncomfortable for me.

Show I weirdly like: Trophy Wife. I've seen a couple of episodes so far, and I might still get sick of it. It's very broad, but something about the contrasts between the main character and her stepkids' mothers is kind of fun for me. I don't know, I don't have or want kids, but this was funny a couple of times.


Yeah, I don't know, maybe I should just go back to public affairs shows.
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Just checking, am I being read here? Should I post more? As in, anything?

This was largely a fandom journal, and truth is, I mostly don't write fandom stuff.

I watched some TV this week, that was OK. I saw the first episode of Hostages when they reran it, but then I didn't watch the second. I just put the PBS NewsHour on. So yeah, I guess I don't care about Castle or Hostages now. And I don't really want to bother with Spader's show either.

I saw an episode of Sean Hayes's new show. Kind of cute. Megan Hilty is on it, which surprised me.

I'm trying to avoid The Voice so far. I got really sick of last cycle.
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I skimmed a little of this.

I watched a lot of these shows.

I was really into Miami Vice as a teenager. The use of time was amazing, and it was largely possible due to not falling into the trick of using a, b, and c plots, but telling one story in the 45 minutes available. "Half a major motion picture every week." I watched Michael Mann's Robbery Homicide Division years later, and it was the same theory, but it relied too much on the same protagonist every week, and wasted the rest of the ostensible regular cast.

I've probably said this on this journal before.

Man, I loved Miami Vice. I was a nutty kid.
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I did watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this week.

I did not see the premieres of the new shows with Toni Collette and James Spader. They were on opposite each other, and opposite Castle, and I decided to take the easy way out; not to get involved in a new show and just to watch Castle. Which was very silly. Kind of nice to see Yancey Arias and Lisa Edelstein as Beckett's new co-workers, I guess.

SHIELD was OK, if falling back on hoary genre tropes. We'll see how it goes.

Chicago Fire is getting my love, though. Yes, I am a masochist; I watched ER, too.
I finally watched the first ep of Elementary (aka the Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes show). I waved my fists excitedly like Craig Ferguson a couple of times.


1. The screenwriter seems to think "ovular" is a synonym for "oval." This comes up twice. Wiktionary says no.
2. If I didn't know Jonny Lee Miller's real accent was substantially like the accent he uses as Holmes, I might find his strong British accent annoying as a "fake accent." I wonder if that will turn some people off.
3. There's a bit of Monk in this, and a bit of Zero Effect. Don't get me wrong. JLM!Holmes is more aggressive than Adrian Monk, and has more difficulty dealing with people than Daryl Zero. But there's a fair bit of each of those in execution. I found myself wondering if using the Holmes name was a mistake. Of course, since Daryl Zero is basically a prickly modern Sherlock Holmes, that means there is still some Sherlock Holmes.
4. Lucy Liu's character is a Mets fan. This pleases me. Also, the way Holmes says, "Reds of Cincinnati," and, "Metropolitans of New York," is funny.

I'm watching The Good Wife now. I missed most of last season. I think I watched the last season premiere, and now I'm watching this season's premiere. I may have rewatched Bend it like Beckham since I watched The Good Wife. Watching Kalinda and thinking "Pinky" is wrong. Also I'm enjoying the way they showcase police abuses. Asset forfeiture is ridiculous.

ETA: I hadn't heard before of "Breakfast in Collinsville," the real-life case that inspired the false charges and forfeiture plot on tonight's The Good Wife. See here:
Watching tonight's Rules of Engagement.

This is a spruce sapling:
spruce cones:

This is poison ivy:
in flower (it's dioecious, not sure if this is male or female):

Note that one is a needled conifer tree and the other a broad-leafed vine.

Just for future reference.
I've been watching the US version of Free Agents, though it seems to be the show I don't remember when I think of new shows I watch. I had no idea it was inspired by a British show. It seems very American.

There's a rumour NBC is canceling it. I don't think this is a good point in the season for NBC to ditch a show like this, honestly. What would be the use? Are they really going to start running a midseason replacement three weeks into the new season? Run an extra showing of Community? What?

I like Free Agents more than I expected to, and I think starting a week early was smart, as it got some people to try it that might have passed on it in a crowd of new shows. Just wait for the overly broad and bizarre Suburgatory to die, and this show will be fine. Although I think this is the kind of show that would be fine with just the 13 initial eps, I think it has a premise that could work for multiple seasons (but won't as the initial creative team will leave).

I did in fact watch the first episode of Suburgatory, and while I am willing to give it another chance; judging from the pilot that thing is utterly bizarre. Seriously? You think the 'burbs are full of boob jobs and pink? And no goths or emo kids? Ri-ight. I mean, I am in favor of Jeremy Sisto and Arden Myrin (who appears not to be a regular anyway) getting work--in a show that is not this set of imaginary stereotypes.

Want a better take on suburbia, try Suburbia (the punk one). Or pretty much any other sitcom on tv.

Heck, the highly urban 2 Broke Girls might be closer to an accurate portrait of suburbia than Suburgatory, and the closest it gets to suburbanness is that Max lives in a house with a yard. Which is my way of saying watch 2 Broke Girls: It has a zaftig chick, a skinny chick, and a horse, which really, what else do you need? It passes Bechdel without even once looking in the direction of the constructed femininity that overwhelms Suburgatory's pilot. Well, except for the high heels, maybe, but those are lampshaded in the third episode's plot as a dig at upper-class lifestyle.
So I'm two eps into Ringer and--yeah, I'm pessimistic about this show's ability to hold my interest long-term. But the suspense is kind of fun right now.
I for one am glad that the David E. Kelley Wonder Woman series appears to have been picked up. The movie rights have been held for over a dozen years by producers who never did anything with it apparently for fear of doing it imperfectly.

At some point you have to do something, even if it's wrong, & get it out of your system. Then, two years later you can try again. If we had the nerve to treat Wondy as an endlessly reinventable & exploitable trademark--in other words, just like we do Batman--we could have had five ridiculous failures in the time we've had nothing, & maybe one of them would have had a spark of cool.

Let's suppose (optimistically?) that the new series is 85% Ms. Marvel, 7% She-Hulk, the rest a mélange of Ally McBeal & Better Off Ted--and all it gets from Wonder Woman is the name and the costume. It could still be good, just irritatingly misnamed. And at least it would be different from the usual attempts at "genre" series, such as the Bionic Woman revamp.

Now let's say, because it's NBC, that it's canceled after one airing. Gee, would that mean that producers might be leery of taking a shot on the concept for a few years? Possibly. And that's different from what we already had, how?

On the other hand, someone at another network might think it could work, and do their own version with the serial numbers filed off. And that's what we want, if we're concerned about getting this kind of thing (female superheroes, or what have you) out there. If NBC & David E. Kelley are doing a Wondy series, that increases the likelihood that CBS will rush into production its own "answer" to that. And one of them might work, or at least inspire future creators before being cancelled 6 weeks in.

That's what I want, that inspiration. And "Wondy McBeal" is a fine sacrifice to make that happen. If it crashes and burns, let it burn up & make a pleasing offering to Heaven.

Really, a more irritating outcome might be if it succeeds, like Smallville, & ends up reshaping the fandom, like the Timmverse with its Bats/Wondy ship, & even ends up influencing the comic, like the 1970's Wondy tv series.
I noticed Paul Ben-Victor in the first episode of In Plain Sight, & thought, hey, if he's been doing this, where is Vincent Ventresca now?

Second episode, there's Vincent Ventresca! Of course! Only a guest star in that one ep though.

Oh, yeah, this show would be contemporary to Dollhouse, forgot about V.V. being in three eps of that. Of course, Paul Ben-Victor wasn't in that, so I didn't think of it.

I confess I didn't place Cristián de la Fuente. In fact, I don't think I'd ever connected the hot Hispanic guy on The Class to the guy who got injured on Dancing with the Stars.

Wow, I really like Mary McCormack's character, the lead of In Plain Sight. The stuff about messed-up family members strikes a chord. As does not "getting" babies. This is a neat show, I'm glad I'm getting to see it now, as previously I knew it as the job Mary McCormack has in Albuquerque which led to her buying the snake mug for Craig Ferguson.
Cougar Town is doing two reruns tonight, beginning with what IMDB says is titled, "The Damage You've Done", but I think of as "Eat the Sword."

Which is a pretty good introduction to the series I think, but what do I know?

Also, Christa Miller's character calls someone a "slag," which I find funny for obscure reasons.

ETA: They followed with "Keep Me Alive," which deals with the aftermath of events in "Eat the Sword.
Matt Smith is in America to shoot some location scenes for Doctor Who series 6 & to plug the DVD release of series 5 in the USA. He came on Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show.

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