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Face brain

Wow, Hawaii Five-0 is an irritating show. Or I've developed an over-sensitivity to expository dialogue and television goofiness. Like having a bunch of stunt motorcyclists on the show so they can play a gang of stunt motorcyclists who are also into highway robbery. And then having Chi McBride and Alex O'Loughlin be all frowny granddads at those "dangerous" motorcyclists. Arghh.

Anyway, I haven't watched in a while, but at the beginning of this episode, I decided to watch it because Kono (Grace Park) is actually in it. Which she is, kinda. Is there a reason they don't have her work with the other three main guys? She was partnered with Chi's character here, and not in a lot of it.

And then Victoria Pratt was a guest star, but sadly not also a superhero. When her character's husband was being murdered, I really wanted (and ridiculously half-expected) her to tackle the bad guy with mutant powers. But nope, not even Sarge's unarmed combat tactics.

But my brain insisted that Shalimar's catlike powers saving the day was what was supposed to happen next. I think I may be ill, if not in the early stages of some kind of mental disorder, because of what my waking brain is doing to me.

I was reading recently where someone was talking about actors who look similar.

It occurred to me while I was watching it that Victoria Pratt and Carrie Underwood (who I saw on what I think was a Tonight Show rerun this week) have some near-parallels in their appearance. Huh.

Then again, I was also trying to figure out whom Grace Park reminded me of. And I realized I've been watching SHIELD again. Is she kind of the Korean Adrianne Palicki? OK, that's not as close. But that seemed to be whom I was thinking of.
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Grace Park has really reduced her involvement in the show the past couple of years. It's part of the reason Chi was added to the line-up at all. But Scott Caan is also to blame for the way they have broken down the team -- he doesn't want to be as involved either. So they don't do team around the table any more and the dynamic of the show has suffered a lot as a result.

Not that H50 hasn't always been awful obvious with heavy exposition and crappy product placement/4th wall stuff. That mudders thing is a cringeworthy example.

But I thought the whole routine about Top Gun and the Shriners was pretty hilarious. And I loved the trick riding. I'm a rider myself (I have 2 bikes) but hell, I don't even like crossing train tracks in the rain.