Peter Tork is dead. That wasn't a nice thing to find out today.

Long ago I must've sent a fan letter or something? I have no memory of what I sent. I got a card from him, somehow: "Thanks for writing. Thanks for caring." It's most likely long lost now.

Whenever Micky Dolenz dies, I may want to go out and yell at something. But right now I am just sitting here feeling kind of sad.

It's interesting how much I identify with each of the Monkees, & how much in different ways. Peter & Mike were funny, but good at being decent & nice in a way I wish I were.

Rest in Peace, Pete.
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I unscreened a post from last month. It got ranty at the end and I hid it, but meh.

I may try to post here a little more.

I could say something about last year. I got interested in some newer music, or newer to an old fart like me. Like Avicii, after he died. Yeah.

I started buying a few comics again after a while. Not sure how much I'll stick with that.

I don't watch television much at all.
I don't think I'm going to get any new followers here, but I saw Squids do something like this, so here goes.

Name: Philippos, or Philip, or Flip, whatever.
Age: Old enough to have "distinguished" white streaks in my beard that I don't want.
What I'm doing on Dreamwidth: Not very much, really. I've been here for a while, but I don't write, really. I read a couple of communities.
Do I want followers? Sure, why not, what do I even care?
Do I check on my LiveJournal friends? Rarely. I should do that now.
Did I delete my Tumblr? Nah.
Fandoms: In an AO3 fanworks sense? Not really, not anymore. I was very briefly in Narnia fandom.
In a looser sense? I like comic books.
I used to watch television.
I was at one time pretty familiar with BtVS and Star Trek up through ENT.
My favorite Doctor is Jon Pertwee.
I like music but I don't understand it.
Wait, what comic books? What've you got?
I reflexively want to defend Chris Claremont against people who think he's all horror and les yay.
My favorite Hernandez Brother is Xaime.
I know a little bit about Carla Speed McNeil, Matt Howarth, and Joe Linsner.
I know a lot about Wonder Woman, apparently.
I like Yotsuba&!
I read a few webcomics, too. I might read yours, if you ask.

What else?
I don't ship anybody. Why be disappointed?
I have been accused of "negging" a friend of mine's work. I was having a hard time saying nice things about work which was not my kind of thing. Seriously! I'm still sore about this.


Dec. 18th, 2018 02:48 am
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Well, I didn't keep up with Doctor Who through the whole season. If I catch the other episodes, I may blog about them later.
Well, that was a kick in the gut.

This was, in the end, a harsher story than "Rosa." I am enjoying this season's approach to historicals so far. And this one, more than "Rosa," was really a historical, and also very Doctor Who. I think "Rosa" was better executed, line by line, but this was more brutal, emotionally.
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I voted today. I voted for all Democrats this time; that's what we do now apparently. I don't know what to make of the Green candidates, one of whom actually had poll workers come to my door this fall. Maybe it's better just to stick with the Democrats for now.

I have been watching the new Doctor Who and not writing about it.

I remember pausing "Rosa" because I was tearing up a couple of times. It was almost like Quantum Leap for an episode.

I'd say "Arachnids in the UK" had some script problems, but the spiders looked pretty good. I'm not clear how they did the effects there, but the spiders looked like real spiders.

The third one with the gremlin was a bit better I think, and not as grim as episodes of this type have sometimes gotten; melancholy rather than kill-em-all. I thought the gremlin (Pting?) looked a little like a tiny Slitheen, or Raxacoricofallapatorian, whatever.
Thoughts on Doctor Who, as posted elsewhere:

I have to give this series credit for using Asian characters, including a regular in a non-stereotypical role. As an American, I'm used to seeing South Asians (that aren't Marvel Comics' Kamala Khan) mostly as physicians or as Bollywood nerds.

In a sort of related vein, I appreciate the idea of Doctor Who having an older white man as a sidekick, as a sort of inversion of the traditional Doctor and assistant types. I can't really knock that, even if Graham has yet to grow on me.

Grace's sacrifice wasn't well-integrated into the script, no. I'm not sure what to do with that.

I liked the setting of the first episode; I think they did pretty well with the realistic English bits. The second episode, on a fantastic & previously-unseen planet, lacks that kind of depth of setting and I didn't like it as much. The third episode looks like it might be an actual historical, or maybe a mostly-historical like the Vincent van Gogh story, and it's set in my stupid country, so I hope it's good.

I am still getting used to Thirteen's accent. It's a nice accent, but the vowels aren't all the same as other Northern accents, are they?
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I think his heyday was before my time. But due to reprints, Ditko was one of my early favorites. I didn't really get Kirby, but Ditko was someone whose work I recognized and liked as a child.

I think it's generally agreed by historians of the comics that Steve actually wrote much of the first three years of Spider-Man, whatever Stan Lee says. Stan was the editor, so he had final say, but on a lot of issues he probably wrote some captions and punched up the dialogue. I have a reprint of a comic where Stan screwed that up and conflated two different characters.

Ditko produced or worked on the early versions of Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, the Creeper, the Question, the Ted Kord Blue Beetle, Captain Atom & Nightshade, Shade the Changing Man, & Speedball. He also drew the first Squirrel Girl story. I've forgotten the name of at least one very Ditkoesque character published by Charlton or someone.

Of course there was Mr. A, a creator-owned and even more bombastic variation on the Question. Also, somewhere I have read a very wacky anti-government spending tract Ditko drew, which as I recall was more "cartoony" & exaggerated than his super-hero work.

Ditko was reclusive and a bit odd. He's bewildered fans who've met him, and been an object of a bit of mockery at times. But he's also a beloved and influential figure in American comic books. He was a brilliant writer/artist when comics needed just that.

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Jun. 24th, 2018 04:52 am
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As of, oh, right now, I am, somehow, both some number of weeks and some number of years old. Although I wonder if I should just not count some years of my life as part of my age, like the Doctor in some fanfic sketch I read once. Nothing happened, so it didn't count.

I plucked a white hair from my eyebrow several hours ago. I guess I'm getting older whether I like it or not.
Oh, good. Despite this still automatically reblogging to LJ, it looks like nobody's reading this. I could just delete the previous post.


I think I'm going to just start unfollowing people on my Tumblr account that I largely don't use. A lot of it is stuff like Trek fandom that I don't care about now, and it's just in the way.
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Remember that a someone who blocked you on Tumblr years ago does not want to hear from you, even if you are dumb and bored enough to type in her URL, a lot, and even if one of those times she has just reblogged a meme asking for anonymous confessions. Especially someone who you know is paranoid and just wipes things she's written and changes her name repeatedly.

The good thing is that I got some kind of response and some kind of explanation at how she saw me. So, there's that.

This person is not my friend. This person does not want to be seen, nor read, nor known, despite appearances, despite having an online presence.

I got to follow her through at least one name change, but I guess that wasn't an ongoing thing.

I'm posting this here, publicly and not on Tumblr, and at this point I don't think it matters if it makes me look like a creep or an ass.
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I just looked up how Lent works. Or tried to. I was raised the kind of Protestant that didn't observe Lent. But it's this big thing, and I get confused about when it runs. Up to Good Friday? To Palm Sunday? To Easter Sunday?

So, of course there are several different versions, some running the eight weeks up to Easter. I should have known it would vary widely.
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Hey, dreamwidthers, are you still here?

This is an odd thing to come back with, but it's bugging me, and this seemed like a better place to say it than some other places.

I am about the same age as Anthony Rapp. I was seeing a lot of people, younger people I think, freak out at Kevin Spacey for "sexually assaulting" Rapp back in the 1980's. But from what I was first hearing, I wasn't seeing it the way other people were.

Well, I actually read People's excerpt of Rapp's description here, and it does sound pretty bad:
Rapp alleged that then-26-year-old Spacey invited him to his Manhattan apartment for a party in 1986. (They were both starring in hit Broadway plays at the time.) Rapp says he was the only teen at the party and spent most of the evening in a bedroom watching television when he realized everyone had left and he was alone with Spacey.

“My memory was that I thought, ‘Oh, everybody’s gone. Well, yeah, I should probably go home,’” Rapp told BuzzFeed. Spacey, he said, “sort of stood in the doorway, kind of swaying. My impression when he came in the room was that he was drunk … He picked me up like a groom picks up the bride over the threshold. But I don’t, like, squirm away initially, because I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ And then he lays down on top of me.”

“He was trying to seduce me,” Rapp said. “I don’t know if I would have used that language. But I was aware that he was trying to get with me sexually.”
OK, I'd better check out that Buzzfeed article.

Wow. This has been eating Anthony Rapp for decades. Bigger than what I first thought.

OK, that sort of knocks the legs out from under what I was feeling. Anyway....

Back when it was new, I read Tom Junod's profle of Spacey in the 1997 Esquire, and I have some ideas about Spacey's sexuality. I also had the impression that he's been out for a few years. While it's nice to have a clear admission of his bisexuality, making this about Spacey outing himself seems strange. Because earlier today, if you asked me, I probably would have said, "Yeah, he seems to be vaguely bisexual, and was kind of opportunistic about macking on women and probably men when he was younger, and is out as gay now."

And the first bits of this I heard, I kind of took the image I already had thanks to Tom Junod, and the context, and yeah, drunken inappropriate behavior from a twenty-something...I've been somewhere like there? My sympathies were with Spacey.

But reading Rapp's account, yeah, that was a bit much.
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So, months ago, I was going to start posting about the comics I've been buying. Lately, I've barely been reading the comics I've been buying.

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Oh, wow, sounds like Captain America writer Nick Spencer is alienating the left now. Clintonism or nothing, is it? Well, not in the ages of the comic, yet.

In this post, he is quoted thus:
'I will get flack for this but I think Sanders deserves more blame than he's getting. He went with some attacks that really hobbled her because they made her permanently unacceptable to some on the left, while also echoing the SAME claims as the right was making. Sanders gave a bipartisan credibility to the "corruption" thing that made it stick and made media fall in love with it even more. She was clearly badly hobbled coming out of that primary, and everyone kept pretending it was a good thing.' - Nick Spencer

This kind of blew up and the mod shut it down. Then I came in not seeing the mod note, and responding to this comment by another s_d member, I commented:

I think Bernie and Hillary tried very hard not to bloody each other in the primaries. The war in the Democratic Party was less between them than between existing pro-Clinton and anti-Clinton factions. There was going to be an Anyone But Clinton vote, as there was in 2008. Bernie largely gave them someone to rally around, and maybe better it was him than Chafee, O'Malley, Webb, or someone like Larry Lessig.

So I don't really blame Bernie. He did need to hit the South six months earlier, though, and writing it off at the end was a pity.

Nick Spencer's understanding of what happened to the Democratic Party this year isn't entirely wrong, but it may be a bit shallow. Many Democrats feel the Clintons betrayed them back in the 1990's, and they want other leaders for the party.


Nov. 18th, 2016 04:59 pm
Today I was sleepily trying to put together my orders for January through my local comic book shop. This many years later, I was looking through Diamond Previews, saw a Batgirl solicitation, and briefly thought, "Oh, Cass?" :(

Now, several hours later, I remember that there is a version of Cass in the current run of Detective Comics, which I don't read. I think they call her Orphan.
Today I got my Scandinavia and the World calendar, printed with an assortment of holidays around the world, in the mail. It's all right.

I noticed that there were some days where Humon didn't have a character for a given country and just put in the country's name. And there were some countries that had personifications in the comics that didn't get any days printed.

But it's rather good for a first attempt to print a calendar.



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