I tried reading the moaning on s_d, actually went on my rant why Wonder Woman is not as commercial as people stupidly expect here, went back, and after much reading of whinging about how Hollywood hates women, I gave up.

I feel sorry for Adrianne Palicki, that's as far as it goes.

This was not the only chance at a new superheroine series. This might have been like the Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman, which came out, fell kind of flat, but inspired a more conventional retool.

But mostly it's just a failed project like many others, that failed because of its execution, not its source material. It's the trademark power of Wonder Woman that got this as much visibility as it got. It was still a horrible horrible script, and much of Hollywood can see that.

There are lots of pilots that you don't even notice. The studio loses money, actors and techs get paid, life goes on. You just noticed this one early.

Wondy will be back I bet.

And the idea of doing a kick-butt superheroine will be as well.

The audience testing from this pilot will tell the studios some things: Probably, given the podcast I heard from someone who was in a test audience, that Steve Trevor is kind of an ass, that super-powered heroes should be smart & a little restrained about violence, and that a better-handled female character can work.

So that's good.

Meantime, watch In Plain Sight, read Nightschool, & remember that Wondy has to have a pretty good day to be as cool as either of those.

Thanks to fifthie for posting this in s_d.

cut for stealing someone else's imageshack bandwidth )

First impression is good. Nice overall look at first glance.

The raised gold bits seem a bit plasticky to me--like something that's just going to get caught on things &/or break off. And I'm generally not fond of raised (nor recessed) stars on the bracelets.
The push-up effect on her boobs, I don't know. I don't have boobs, is that comfortable? It just looks strange to me. But the bodice is OK overall I guess.
Ideally, heels should be just a smidge lower, more riding boot than butt-shaping high heel. (Of course, the PĂ©rez flats would be even finer.) But I expect they'll have opportunity to figure that out in production, if they haven't already.
Blue pantaloons into blue boots is a bit non-standard for superhero tights, but if it minimizes the sense of thick parallel bands of color, I can respect that.

I like that they're using the new circlet, that's a good design. Less fond of it being repeated as a belt.
Shininess is fine for Wondy, of all superheroes. It fits her where it wouldn't fit some others.
Lasso looks nice.

Overall, it's OK. I would tweak bits if I were art director, but I'm not, so as an outside observer, I'm pretty happy with it.

fifthie's take, in italics, my responses in roman: (in s_d)

WHOA okay now that everyone's put on their glare-resistant costume-viewing goggles

Things I like:

- Emphatically, unashamedly a SUPER HERO COSTUME. No muted colors, no "lol, jeans, hoodie t-shirt" shennanigans, pretty much as SUPER HERO as a super hero costume can get.

- Tiara, bracelets, lasso, gold chest-thingy/belt. I mean it's not like THE CLASSIC wonder woman costume but it's way more faithful than anything I expected

- PANTS. I am honestly pretty glad that they went with pants.

Agreed on all these.

Things I don't like:

- I don't personally care about the boots but people are gonna be upset about the boots, I am not gonna be a person who faults anyone for being upset about the boots

Well, we'll see how she moves in them.

- GLARE, jesus christ she is not gonna have to fight much after she has LITERALLY BLINDED her foes, I seriously hope they tone that down a bit on the show

As I said, I think Wondy can get away with that.

- They probably could have fit some stars somewhere on there, I mean come on

There are like five (red) stars on there! What do you want! I tease. No, I don't care, really. Someone else pointed out that there is a line of gold stars down the outer seam of the pantleg.

There's some stuff I would think it would've needed, like... shoulder straps, I was legit expecting to be really annoyed by the lack of shoulder straps but... in practice it kinda works without 'em?

I actually sort of disagree, almost the other way around, here. A strapless top, while not something I would rule out completely, is one of those things I'd have to see in action before signing off on if I were art director, costume designer, director, or producer. I'm not nuts about the chest bullets warheads, but if it works in motion, then I guess it's OK.

Overall honestly I think it still probably evens out to kinda terrible, I'm just surprised to see that it's so much less terrible than what I was expecting, and terrible in such a different direction from the kind of terrible they've done in every terrible superhero thing for the last like ten goddamn years.

Yeah, more or less. It's OK, really.

I'm sure some (re: a lot of) people's reaction will be THAT SHE LOOKS LIKE A HOOKER but honestly that was probably basically inevitable no matter what they did so I am kind of glad the people who made this went like THAT'S RIGHT EVERYBODY, BRIGHT RED AND BLUE VINYL, WE D.G.A.F.

e_e It's Wondy. She's going to look like a hooker to somebody. Of course.
So they have an actress for the new Wonder Woman tv project, which I hope to change the franchise in a big way, & void any long-term influence of the JMS NuWondy. Possibly also scramble everything else we knew of Wondy (Myndi Mayer under 40? Really?), but evs.

Adrianne Palicki.

I like that she has moderately dark grey eyes, instead of those freakish pale blue eyes Lynda Carter had. And I'm amused that our Venusian perfection has a definite asymmetrical freckle on the bridge of her nose.

But mostly, I'm glad they didn't go for someone who looks like Lynda Carter. For that matter, she doesn't look like most artists' renditions of Di--a neat trick considering what a wide range of likenesses Di has had. Well & good; she's an actress playing a role, not a flawless embodiment.

Kind of busty for that one bit in the pilot script, though.
Also, David E. Kelley, you should totally give Diana a hanger-on, maybe employee or girlfriend, who looks &/or dresses like this:
So here's some obnoxious demands from whiny fanboys that you do Wonder Woman their way. Blah blah.

Now, Mr David E. Kelley, here is what you need to do. Base your Wondy on this forgotten classic. Just age up that version of Diana a little bit, & there you go!

It'll be glorious!
You know, if they own it, an everything-but-Wondy Wondy could be such glorious crack!

Give her city a newspaper whose editor hates her beyond belief. Have hammy scenes where she says things like, "MY PARENTS ARE DEAD!" Give her an Asian sidekick/driver who can do martial arts! Have her powers come from some extradimensional Speed Force energy field! Have her company be something that grew to an enormous size while she was frozen in an iceberg.

Throw it all in, throw it all in. Marston would be proud.
As I said on the CBR boards.

Is "corporate woman who's a vigilante called Wonder Woman" something a new viewer is going to switch over from How I Met Your Mother for? Anymore than "Amazon warrior emissary," which might grab the Xena fans & could be more distinct from the other stuff out there?

Don't get me wrong, it's an OK pitch. But it's not Diana Prince, it's Jesse Chambers or Karen Starr. So the real problem is that "Power Girl" & "Jesse Quick" are worse names for this concept than "Wonder Woman." DC has done a lousy job of naming its heroines.

The real problem isn't that they're adapting Wonder Woman badly. They're not adapting Wonder Woman. The real problem is that "Power Girl" is a bad name for this concept. But "Wonder Woman" is a great name for this project. And Amazon warrior chick, well, she'll just have to share her name. Both of her names, sounds like.

Granted, David E. Kelley could have called it "Superwoman" or something.
Wow, I could natter on about this David E. Kelley Wondy pitch for a while.

Speculating about what could happen if it succeeds, I've decided to be amused by imagined effects. What if this suceeds, can you imagine? All the new fans it'll spawn, flooding into Wondy fandom, eventually remaking it. Of course, there's a lot we don't know about how it'll work. There could even be a pull back to a more classic take after the pilot.

That said, do you suppose this Wondy (who sounds like Jesse Chambers to me actually) will be straight?
I for one am glad that the David E. Kelley Wonder Woman series appears to have been picked up. The movie rights have been held for over a dozen years by producers who never did anything with it apparently for fear of doing it imperfectly.

At some point you have to do something, even if it's wrong, & get it out of your system. Then, two years later you can try again. If we had the nerve to treat Wondy as an endlessly reinventable & exploitable trademark--in other words, just like we do Batman--we could have had five ridiculous failures in the time we've had nothing, & maybe one of them would have had a spark of cool.

Let's suppose (optimistically?) that the new series is 85% Ms. Marvel, 7% She-Hulk, the rest a mélange of Ally McBeal & Better Off Ted--and all it gets from Wonder Woman is the name and the costume. It could still be good, just irritatingly misnamed. And at least it would be different from the usual attempts at "genre" series, such as the Bionic Woman revamp.

Now let's say, because it's NBC, that it's canceled after one airing. Gee, would that mean that producers might be leery of taking a shot on the concept for a few years? Possibly. And that's different from what we already had, how?

On the other hand, someone at another network might think it could work, and do their own version with the serial numbers filed off. And that's what we want, if we're concerned about getting this kind of thing (female superheroes, or what have you) out there. If NBC & David E. Kelley are doing a Wondy series, that increases the likelihood that CBS will rush into production its own "answer" to that. And one of them might work, or at least inspire future creators before being cancelled 6 weeks in.

That's what I want, that inspiration. And "Wondy McBeal" is a fine sacrifice to make that happen. If it crashes and burns, let it burn up & make a pleasing offering to Heaven.

Really, a more irritating outcome might be if it succeeds, like Smallville, & ends up reshaping the fandom, like the Timmverse with its Bats/Wondy ship, & even ends up influencing the comic, like the 1970's Wondy tv series.



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