Jan. 24th, 2011

As I said on the CBR boards.

Is "corporate woman who's a vigilante called Wonder Woman" something a new viewer is going to switch over from How I Met Your Mother for? Anymore than "Amazon warrior emissary," which might grab the Xena fans & could be more distinct from the other stuff out there?

Don't get me wrong, it's an OK pitch. But it's not Diana Prince, it's Jesse Chambers or Karen Starr. So the real problem is that "Power Girl" & "Jesse Quick" are worse names for this concept than "Wonder Woman." DC has done a lousy job of naming its heroines.

The real problem isn't that they're adapting Wonder Woman badly. They're not adapting Wonder Woman. The real problem is that "Power Girl" is a bad name for this concept. But "Wonder Woman" is a great name for this project. And Amazon warrior chick, well, she'll just have to share her name. Both of her names, sounds like.

Granted, David E. Kelley could have called it "Superwoman" or something.
You know, if they own it, an everything-but-Wondy Wondy could be such glorious crack!

Give her city a newspaper whose editor hates her beyond belief. Have hammy scenes where she says things like, "MY PARENTS ARE DEAD!" Give her an Asian sidekick/driver who can do martial arts! Have her powers come from some extradimensional Speed Force energy field! Have her company be something that grew to an enormous size while she was frozen in an iceberg.

Throw it all in, throw it all in. Marston would be proud.
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So Head Trip is on Keenspot now. Huh.

Reminded me of Sinfest leaving Keenspot years ago.

So is going onto Keenspot a move up for some & down for others? Sort of like getting an Image contract for print cartoonists?
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I am bemused that this: (joverfield doesn't want quotas for sexually deviant characters blah blah) was triggered by this:

'Cos I saw that & I was like, "point."Read more... )
My previous post got rambly & failed to hit the point I wanted to make (this one wanders a bit too), but what started it was that this (which I don't necessary lack sympathy for) was triggered by this, which seemed entirely appropriate to me when I'd seen it earlier. So, tl;dr: )

Yes, in fact I would create a Gay Action Hero in the same way one might create a kick-ass black martial artist (like these guys) or a California blonde who's really the child of extraterrestrials (like these ladies), or a tiny Asian woman who is sponsored by Batman (like these two)--because that mix of attributes is interesting. Gives a different hook. We really do build some characters from their sex & ethnic background. And creating a mix of characters with different backgrounds, this is what some writers try to do in general. Even Greg Rucka doesn't write quite all his characters as self-loathing lesbian or bi women. Really.

Would Gay Action Hero succeed as a mainstream headliner? Well, whatever smack I talk about Wildstorm, truth is, it substantially did once.



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