Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Doc Savage in this pic? I don't think that about Tahmoh Penikett in general, but there, my mind went straight to Doc.
Lefty brought up the issue of Emma Stone's voice. I had not even thought about that. Now I'm thinking about what voices of Spidey girlfriends should sound like.

OK, first video I clicked on of Ms Stone: Emma Stone on Chelsea Lately

That's a sexy voice in its way, though I might pick it for an MJ or Betty Brant. In my head Gwendy's is clearer, less raspy, maybe a little higher. No, I don't know why. Felicia's & Deb Whitman's voices are even higher. Oh good lord. No, I'm not sure why Emma's voice is wrong for Jean DeWolff, it's just too immature or something. Might be OK for Marcy Kane. I'm thinking about character voices. Spidey is a pure visual character, I don't think about character voices.

But this is hilarious. First video I landed on, as I said. In this clip Emma Stone claims she's actually blonde. OK. Well, so much for that rant.

ETA: OK, that was based on one maybe hoarse clip.
I can see the Gwendy possibility, but she's not New York enough for most of the others. Can she do an accent?
philippos42: Paul Rudd (pretty)
From CBR, an hour ago. Check out the actress cast as love interest in the new Spider-Man flick:

Go ahead & click to enlarge.

Wow, with the freckles, dark reddish hair, & general complexion she even looks reasonably like a Johnny Romita MJ.

And she's playing Gwen. Ok, fine, she could play Gwendy with a dye job, but it's more Hollyweird wallbanger casting.

Found more pics of Emma Stone online. I admit that hair color aside, she does look like the chunky Romita Gwendy. Fine. Still....
philippos42: Miss Tyra funny face (Miss Tyra)
Pretty dark-haired actress who does action? Obviously someone was going to mention Bridget Regan as a possible Wonder Woman another actress who will never get to play Wondy in the movie Joel Silver will never produce.

Like, say, here. (I haven't even read these sites, this is just what a google got me.)

I'm not saying she couldn't do it, but I'd want her to audition. Just because someone is good at playing a co-star/love interest doesn't mean they'll work as the actual center of attention. Bridget Regan spent two years making googoo eyes at Shirtless Craig Horner1, which plays into the straightboy/lesbian desire to be desired. But whether she can she will appeal as an Amazon princess celebrity, without male lead to play off, is another matter. I think she probably could, but I wouldn't just hand her the job; there are probably better choices.

Or maybe I'm just being jerkish because I want Wondy to look like she came from the shores of the Black Sea, not the Irish Sea.

All of this is irrelevant, of course, as per my first paragraph.

1 Tough job, right?



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