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xstuddedxhalox asked: Have you ever actually thought about killing off any of your characters, if the story comes to it, or will you just ignore it?

ugh no

I love this answer.

Wait, what about Sara?
Q: What happened to Sara?

A: Eaten by an allosaurus. It was very sad. Actually she still works at the coffee shop, I just don't draw her anymore because she was kind of boring.

Oh, yeah, QC. Since I don't have Jeph's tumblr on the flist here, & he abandoned LJ for tumblr, I have missed some things.

Like the orig. & redrawn versions & of QC strip 4, side by side.

Note that the facial expressions & stances are different, that's perhaps a matter of greater artistic skill. But Faye is seriously redesigned. Wow.
Hoo boy, lot of drama on the Serious Pony Discussion Forum about today's QC. I expect it to continue, given that QC is freakin' huge in the webcomics world. My reaction was, Oh crap here it comes, but y'know, sometimes drama happens in this strip. It's not all indie music snark, & hasn't been for a very long time Hanners being adorkable.

Let's be clear here. Dora is not perfect. None of the characters are, Jeph has pointed this out. He has no Mary Sues. Yes, Dora seems hypocritical given she flirts inappropriately with all Marten's friends including Faye.

But that's the thing. Raunchy bi Dora is a pose alternate mode to some degree, & the insecure monogamous girl underneath knows she's playing. She also knows that Marten is cautious & serious. He doesn't joke flirt or cuddle their friends. He was embarrassed to innocently touch Hanners' boob that one time. So when Dora sees something like yesterday's strip, she has reason to fear that things are real & she's in trouble.

Also, she's a hypocrite. Little bit. We've had inklings before.
Looking at a few old QC strips.

...that's a surprising coincidence.

Also, wow, a lot of linked sites from that era are just...gone.

Hey, look! Deathmøle gets its name! Say, now that poser girl is gone, can Marten & Amir rename the band 15 Year Anthem or something?

Man, Hanners had some haggard under-eye bags back around #556. Or is that just from the dust? No, wait, she'd been awake for days. I guess she still has them, though, they're just drawn different. Still, it's neat to see that cartoony big-bottomed style from back then again. Cute. Also, the link in #556 is bizarre.



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