I am never updating Windows again.

...Well, at least not today. I turned off automatic updates a while back, and today I tried doing five updates at once, and finally got sick of that taking all my memory and cut the power, losing all of it.

I am growing to hate Windows and Microsoft.

(I'm leaving out some context that would make this make more sense.)
I must be getting old. There's a Windows 8 already? I've had my Windows 7 laptop less than a year, but I was no early adopter. Of course, XP hung on a long time by Windows standards, so that skews expectations.

Windows 8 apparently is a transition to a new underground-train-themed OS called "Metro." (If they'd waited until Windows 12, they could have called it "L." I can see the slogan! "Elevate your Windows experience!")
e_e Yes, this will clearly end well. Comparisons to the Edsel are wholly unwarranted, I'm sure.

I'm already annoyed that my Windows 7 laptop seems to want to be a television a little more than it wants to be a computer. Sometimes Windows Explorer can't move a file because it's "open" in some program--when all I did was select it, in Windows Explorer. I can't find a way to set commands to open multiple files in Photoshop, say. I feel like Microsoft adds functionality and then takes away or hides other functionality out of some madness.

Is it sick that I miss my old Windows ME computer that I had to disk-check constantly? At least when it wasn't totally malfunctioning, it did what I told it to do; and it could manage things on the hard drive in a timely fashion. Or is that the haze of memory making it seem better than it was?

In any case, abandoning the idea that we as PC users do work--accounting work, creative work, evs--on computers, is madness. They will throw their market share in the toilet--or it will go as soon as someone advertises an alternative.
philippos42: "Dark Vengeance!" (cold)
File Transfer: ....I like how we've had the internet for decades, yet 'sending files' is something early adopters are still figuring out how to do.

I had this sort of problem just this week. Well, sort of. But I had both computers in the house, so I could have overcome it with a cable. I used my flash drive, though.



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