I watched a lot of television yesterday. (Honestly, I probably would have even if I weren't stuck inside with the Arctic vortex dumping snow and dangerously cold air on my continent.)

Counting news, something like eight hours of broadcast television (albeit with commercials) and a 96-minute movie on DVD. (Disfigured)

I watched two CBS procedurals (Elementary and The Mentalist) and reruns of two USA shows (Burn Notice and White Collar). Whatever issues I have with White Collar's premise, I think the USA shows have better scripts overall than the CBS detective shows. I may just give up on those again.

I quite liked last night's The Good Wife. For a show about ethically dubious lawyers, it can have a sense of humor about it. This one had a case about rights to transformative work that made a good point about song covers that re-invent. And a funny cameo at the end.
I finally watched the first ep of Elementary (aka the Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes show). I waved my fists excitedly like Craig Ferguson a couple of times.


1. The screenwriter seems to think "ovular" is a synonym for "oval." This comes up twice. Wiktionary says no.
2. If I didn't know Jonny Lee Miller's real accent was substantially like the accent he uses as Holmes, I might find his strong British accent annoying as a "fake accent." I wonder if that will turn some people off.
3. There's a bit of Monk in this, and a bit of Zero Effect. Don't get me wrong. JLM!Holmes is more aggressive than Adrian Monk, and has more difficulty dealing with people than Daryl Zero. But there's a fair bit of each of those in execution. I found myself wondering if using the Holmes name was a mistake. Of course, since Daryl Zero is basically a prickly modern Sherlock Holmes, that means there is still some Sherlock Holmes.
4. Lucy Liu's character is a Mets fan. This pleases me. Also, the way Holmes says, "Reds of Cincinnati," and, "Metropolitans of New York," is funny.

I'm watching The Good Wife now. I missed most of last season. I think I watched the last season premiere, and now I'm watching this season's premiere. I may have rewatched Bend it like Beckham since I watched The Good Wife. Watching Kalinda and thinking "Pinky" is wrong. Also I'm enjoying the way they showcase police abuses. Asset forfeiture is ridiculous.

ETA: I hadn't heard before of "Breakfast in Collinsville," the real-life case that inspired the false charges and forfeiture plot on tonight's The Good Wife. See here:



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