I finally watched the first ep of Elementary (aka the Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes show). I waved my fists excitedly like Craig Ferguson a couple of times.


1. The screenwriter seems to think "ovular" is a synonym for "oval." This comes up twice. Wiktionary says no.
2. If I didn't know Jonny Lee Miller's real accent was substantially like the accent he uses as Holmes, I might find his strong British accent annoying as a "fake accent." I wonder if that will turn some people off.
3. There's a bit of Monk in this, and a bit of Zero Effect. Don't get me wrong. JLM!Holmes is more aggressive than Adrian Monk, and has more difficulty dealing with people than Daryl Zero. But there's a fair bit of each of those in execution. I found myself wondering if using the Holmes name was a mistake. Of course, since Daryl Zero is basically a prickly modern Sherlock Holmes, that means there is still some Sherlock Holmes.
4. Lucy Liu's character is a Mets fan. This pleases me. Also, the way Holmes says, "Reds of Cincinnati," and, "Metropolitans of New York," is funny.

I'm watching The Good Wife now. I missed most of last season. I think I watched the last season premiere, and now I'm watching this season's premiere. I may have rewatched Bend it like Beckham since I watched The Good Wife. Watching Kalinda and thinking "Pinky" is wrong. Also I'm enjoying the way they showcase police abuses. Asset forfeiture is ridiculous.

ETA: I hadn't heard before of "Breakfast in Collinsville," the real-life case that inspired the false charges and forfeiture plot on tonight's The Good Wife. See here:


Nov. 26th, 2011 08:23 pm
Movies, I've been watching good movies.

Well, not that much. But two weeks ago I was thinking, wow, I'm watching a lot of neat movies. But I didn't post about it.

The three from a week ago, when I was thinking about it before:

The Runaways, not too bad, not a great flick, but OK once you accept it's really about Cherie Currie, Joan Jett, and Kim Fowley.
Zero Effect. This is great. It's in the vein of Sherlock Holmes and Nero Wolfe, but 1990's. Ben Stiller is much more sympathetic here than usual, and Bill Pullman may have found his best role. I tried to track down the 2002 TV pilot with Alan Cumming, but there are no prints out there.
The 2010 The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, that was OK. Boy, they keep hanging on to elements of the previous stories. That's going to make The Silver Chair hard. Then again, IMDb thinks that's slated for 2015 if at all.

Honestly, if the plan to next do The Magician's Nephew (which does refer back to the Pevensies at the end), then Silver Chair, and save The Horse and His Boy for when the original actors are older, that's pretty smart.

And I'm not sure there's a way to film The Last Battle that isn't surreal, Daliesque, animated, and horribly uncommercial.
Anyway. Tonight I saw Shooting Fish, which is another 1990's movie I apparently never knew about. Cute, clever, and had me guessing a little bit. And I thought, yeah, I should make a note of movies I have been watching.

I don't remember what all I've watched in between.



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