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philippos42 ([personal profile] philippos42) wrote2014-02-27 05:19 pm

Sean is gone, Mike hikes, Rake gets a break

(Warning: USA television stuff)

I've been watching Rake, a show where Greg Kinnear plays a rakish lawyer, on Fox, since it started. It started the same time NBC started doing lots of Olympics stuff and not showing Sean Saves the World. I was worried that Sean (and Mike Fox) would come back and I'd have to choose.

Nope! They're running Hollywood Game Night that hour. (I looked online: They canceled both shows, and Mike Fox is headed back to CBS's The Good Wife.) Thank you, NBC, for not wanting my eyeballs. (OK, I'll still watch Community. And I may even leave the TV on during Parks and Recreation, even as I direct the majority of my attention elsewhere.)

Rake was very likely to win, though.
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[personal profile] heliopausa 2014-03-01 10:22 am (UTC)(link)
I saw scattered episodes of the Australian Rake, and thought it was good, especially on the trailing tangled leftovers of ex-marriages, and exhausting, unending relationships generally.
But that was that one, not this one, so... :) I hope it's as good.