We have discontinued the CMX line with no plans to reprint the titles (except Megatokyo which has moved to the DC Comics imprint). Beyond that I do not know the future of the titles.

Currently there are CMX titles that are still listed as in stock at our distributor, Random House. Please contact them for more information:

Random House


Thank you,

ERIKA RUSSO | Administrator, Book Trade Sales
DC Comics | A Warner Bros. Entertainment Company
From DC's announcement that they were shutting down CMX:
Over the course of the last six years, CMX has brought a diverse list of titles to America and we value the books and creators that we helped introduce to a new audience. Given the challenges that manga is facing in the American marketplace, we have decided that CMX will cease publishing new titles as of July 1, 2010.

Uh, compared to the challenges selling any of your over-colored over-priced domestic crap?

If sales were the chief determiner, wouldn't you have canceled Teen Titans by now?

Was one of the challenges, "Being distributed by twits who resent how much better the imported stuff is than their own pathetic fanfic scribbles"?

OK, enough snark. Let's google!
http://comicsworthreading.com/2010/05/19/cmx-shutdown-reactions/ Johanna Draper Carlson ran this much down at the time.

Oh, CMX wasn't selling as well as Tokyopop. It was even being outsold in bookstores by a few of DC's house-produced gorefests (when they had movie tie-ins). It was selling very small-press numbers, the kind Antarctic Press would be happy with, & DC was probably content with considering it was all repackaged content.

But DC wasn't trying too hard to sell it. I was only vaguely aware of CMX for a long time, even after I encountered Land of the Blindfolded. And I started seriously getting into their stuff not long before they shut down.

Check this out: http://precur.wordpress.com/2010/05/20/cmx-cellence/
I've checked out 3 of these titles, & I would be glad to help encourage more sales on them, if they weren't permanently out of stock. This year my local library was buying trades of LotB (which are a few years old), on my recommendation, & then was told, "permanently out of stock"--right about the time of the shutdown.

Maybe DC was just the wrong company for the mix of real bookselling & not-just-doing-more-fanfic-of-the-same-few-characters that CMX needed.
Perhaps I tar DC with too broad a brush. They have done some neat stuff in the last several years, even if a lot of the stuff under the DC Bullet is crap. And CMX (which is of course not really DC) did introduce me to Tsukuba Sakura, who I quite like.



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