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It's like DC can't see the reader's perspective, except for a tiny minority of people who despise the same past continuity they do, and in fact the idea of continuity itself.

They don't want to continue the character arcs, but they want to keep the trademarks. So somehow stuff like the new Titans run gets greenlit, where there's no credible thread from the old stuff, but casual readers might not know that. And the old diehard fans say, "Wow, this is a good jumping-off point, let's leave!"

They probably could have done a midstream distillation of each book, clearing off cruft as they went, but instead of letting that flow organically, they decided to completely derail most of their titles at once as a stunt.

And they'd alienated so many of their talented writers that they're hiring Scott Lobdell to write multiple books. (Grant Morrison's still around, yes. I don't know if he stays in order to feed an expensive drug habit, or because DC is more respectful of him at this point. Maybe both.)

DC may catastrophically self-destruct before they figure this out.
Let the books be themselves; Blue Beetle is not "even more Batman," Wonder Woman is not Deadface (though that's perhaps preferable to "even more Batman"), Mr Terrific is not "backstory for Superman or somebody."
Don't try to rewrite everything from the top.
It's OK to publish stuff you aren't the target audience for, in order to reach a broader audience.
And let writers write their own stories.