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philippos42 ([personal profile] philippos42) wrote2011-06-02 06:24 pm

jumping-on, jumping-off, glut, and can DC market worth beans yet?

Here, the argument is advanced that DC's line-wide numbering reboot is the perfect "jumping-off" point. I disagree. The perfect jumping-off point was whenever we were told there'd be another 100-issue crossover.

What this is, more, is an attempt to renumber for a new format, thus bringing new readers in while keeping old ones. And an expansion of titles married to a new distribution system. In a way, an attempt to do Marvel's early-1990's "glut the market" approach right.

And yet I worry they're still screwing it up.
1) Instead of launching 52 titles at once & then coasting, they should be rolling out new stuff every few months in perpetuity, so there's always a new jumping on point.
2) If this is 52 superhero titles in the DC style, they may find there isn't enough market even if they escape the comic-shop ghetto. In general, they need to understand that not all customers want the same things, & the publishing line must be thematically diverse.
3) Are they even managing to advertise to new non-comic-shop customers effectively? I don't know. If I see ads outside the comix press, I'll give them props, but I ain't holding my breath.
4) If they even think about trying to do a 52-title crossover, they deserve to have it blow up in their faces and all get fired.

Oh, well, I'm calling it now. Superman, Wonder Woman, & Batman will still be around whatever comes, due to the corporate culture. Other stuff, like Mr. Terrific, will get lost in the crowd, and be gone in (let's see, 52 titles?) 12-18 months.