Jan. 27th, 2014

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I lately went through a big binge of Narnia fic. A few days ago I got interested in a new board game. I've had months of my life disappear to online flash games.

I have this thing where I discover something new, or start something new--could be a band, a writer, a game--or a job, going to school, whatever--and go in way too hard very fast. I will obsess on something to a striking degree. And then, often, I will get over it.

Maybe I totally burn out and get sick of it, and never want to see it again. I have seen its flaws, I have lost weeks of my life, and I don't want to spend any more time on it.

Sometimes it's something I'll feel attached to for a long time thereafter, just a part of my regular bag of affiliations and affections.

And in some of those cases, I may (as with Harlan Ellison) eventually hit a point where, with distance of time, I decide that it really wasn't that good, or not something I personally like after all.

I'm not sure where I'm going on this fanfic binge. Will I still be reading Heliopause's fics in four years? Will I just walk away for a while? Will I leave it and come back?

I don't know.

This stinking board game, though, I'm gonna burn out pretty hard and fast, I think. Familiar pattern.

Moderation is hard.
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OK, since I've been missing days, a short bonus writing meme post to make up for Saturday--which more or less would have been Saturday's post if I had remembered:

It occurs to me that some of the revamps of major comic book superheroes in recent years are not only, "Why haven't we done that yet?" but a bit of, "Of course they are!" That is, "Of course they are!" if you asked someone with only the barest familiarity with the property.

Wonder Woman is Superman's girlfriend? "Of course she is!" as you might be told by someone unfamiliar enough with the mythos to confuse Wonder Woman and Lois Lane.

Spider-Man is black now? (That is, in the "Ultimate" comics) Hasn't he always been?

Going back a little further, we could add more:

The Avengers work for the government, so they're basically a military outfit? Of course!

And Spider-Man has to be an Avenger, right? Of course he is!

So Spidey is a government employee? Uh....

And having a Robin who was literally Bruce Wayne's son may have been playing with that trope.
Paul Cornell's last Doctor Who comic is a bit meta.

"Songs in the Dark," by secooper87: Tenth Doctor finds himself in Narnia, mopes about Rose, manages to save the future. Seriously, I liked this. Nice to see someone be respectful to Aslan without being overly reverent, and that's in character for the Doctor, I think.



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