philippos42 ([personal profile] philippos42) wrote2010-05-04 05:19 pm

Kongai race & gender; the new cards

The new cards for Kongai:
As cards (1st post in thread)
Full figures as they appear on field (1st post in thread, 1 pic doesn't show in browser)

I'm a little disappointed that the previously even male/female split seems to have gone more male. Looks like B9, Gorbax-Mark 2, & maybe IBO-K9 are neuter-gender. (I'm reading MR-V1N as masculine & Angelan Series D as feminine.) But doing it that way does keep 50% of the characters male, which is good for the new item Tarot Card: The High Priestess.

Looking over it, I see there are no new black characters. No black pirate, no Moorish knight. We do get one Chinese knight, though. Why exactly is the "southern" Knight blond?

Deformed/inhuman male: 2 (MR-V1N, Ranec Vest)
Older male: 1 (Auger Blackboot)
Masked male: 1 (Fallen Knight Rathbone)
Virile Male with exposed face: 6

Older female: 1 (Agathe de Grey) [In a group of five witches, only one crone! But that's more than in the first block.]
Child female: 1 (Sadie Trudeau) [This parallels the first set, wherein Popo was the only child.]
Inhuman female: 1/2 (Angelan, but she's drawn pretty from the waist up, so...)
Nubile female with exposed face: 4 1/2 (Counting Angelan as half)

Probably neuter: 3 [That's new & different.]

Still no masked women as such (Angelan is close). No boy child. No truly deformed females, unless I'm missing something with the other 3 robots.