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I actually bought comics

A couple of days ago I decided I'd been sitting around the house too much, and I walked downtown and bought a stack of comics:

Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #1: Wow, I was not real happy with this. I don't like Ethan van Sciver's art in general, and the lead story was illustrated by him. I wasn't really that impressed with either script, either. Lots of weird fight scenes, not a lot of coherent story story, to me. Of course, I may have been in a bad mood because I read it right after three issues of...

Captain Marvel #5-#7: Three issues of this, mostly OK, and I like Tic. But I may have to give up on it. The cat really was a Flerken? That means the raccoon was right? That really changes the whole interaction we saw earlier, and I don't like it. I may be slightly angry about it. I guess that is one way to subvert the Power Girl parallels (blonde flying brick with energy projection and a surly cat).

Ms. Marvel #7-#8: Not bad. I like Kamala in her glasses for reading online, and the way she embraces Lockjaw apparently without knowing who he is. I just wish that the stories were a little denser or more complete somehow.

I think I'm getting a lot more judgemental about print comics than about webcomics. Hmmm.
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Cool. I'm sorry it sounds like they were a little disappointing.

I just got my new Serenity "Leaves on the Wind" comics and they are awesome, except they only had 1,2,4-6 available, which sucks because now I'm stuck at the #2 cliffhanger. :( Going to try to dig up #3.

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Seems like sometimes they have trouble getting a proper handle on her. I'm interested in trying that one anyway, though.