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philippos42 ([personal profile] philippos42) wrote2014-04-07 06:51 pm

I had another fic idea. Oh boy, did I.

I have a notepad file with a handful of names designed to look Greek while not actually meaning anything, some few words of notes following those names, and a sentence explaining that this story cycle is probably a bad idea, because the major fandom is over here and the story that's spinning out of it is way over on the other hand and not a good fit for that fandom.

I really should not try to write fic.

Some part of me wants to scrub the fan elements (oddly, the fake-Greek ones can stay because they are way off to the side of the source canon anyway) and rename the characters so the story can go forward into something quite different than the canon to which it was going to be imaginary backstory. Another part thinks that's a poor solution--because the roots would be too obvious.

And the story that my brain has taken and built out of the fusion fic I was going to write is too boring, except in ways that, again, way over on the other hand. But now my brain won't let go of it.

It's not like I expect to get much more than that sentence written anyway. I can come up with big long stories, or the shadows of them, in my head. But writing them down is not a thing I do. I don't know why.

If I am being vague, well. Yeah.

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[personal profile] heliopausa 2014-04-08 03:23 am (UTC)(link)
FWIW I love imaginary backstory, and stories way off to the side!
'Not a good fit for the fandom...' Without knowing the fandom, I would guess that any community would have its outliers and dissidents - so a good fit will never fit everybody anyway. (i.e., not to write for the bulk of the fandom, but for the people who want to read what you want to write?)
Big long stories, though... :( yeah, they can be pretty exhausting for the writer.
Still... imaginary backstory sounds fun and intriguing! Is 'fake-Greek names' a clue to the fandom?