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yes i am aware that i am referring to things without explication

Oh, yeah, more musing about trope bingo. (My card is here.)

I think at least one entry (or whatever they are called) will be Narnia meta (mostly). I actually have that maybe a quarter written already.

But I am bemused that at the moment there is a good chance that my bingo will not involve lots of Narnia, Wonder Woman, and/or Yotsuba-verse. There may be really subtle allusions to Wondy and W. M. Marston, and maybe a couple of entries will be very Narnia, but I don't think I'm going to fit in "Gaga meets Koiwai" as a bingo.

Nope, the current plan is to try to do a AU fairytale of Sean Saves the World (but I need plot for that); an angry fixfic/anti-fic (is that even a word) with a really weird version of Queen Swanwhite; a weird night out in the Underground part of Philippe Keyaerts's Small World; and a rambling meta on Narnia that takes an odd turn by the end. And possibly another Small World fic, that was going to be my "fairytale/myth" entry, but ended up not quite making sense in that spot.

Also this: When I come up with ideas, they are often fannish fusion wackiness that doesn't really match much on the bingo card.

But I did come up with plot for a story that could actually be a postage stamp, and then realized it was all new characters in my head. I could pretend that the main character is Sara from QC in a timeline averted by her being eaten by an allosaurus, or just have Dark Angel pop up at the end and say, "Hello, Princess!" but those feel like cheating. So, I may not write it. (It was kind of based on a friend's traumatic day anyway, and went in a pessimistic direction from there, so that may be just as well.)
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I enjoy Narnian meta, so link to wherever it ends up! And AO3 accepts the tag 'fix-it'. :)

(I speak as the writer of two crabby fix-it fics for Appalling Moffat Who.)