philippos42 ([personal profile] philippos42) wrote2013-09-08 02:41 am

no one cares what I think about this, but oh well

I for one am almost relieved that Maggie Sawyer and Kate Kane are not getting married. Not that it matters now, but I was never happy about putting them together in the first place. Maggie had a long-time significant other before appearing in Batwoman, right? I hated to see that broken up to play into the attitude that there are only a handful of lesbians in the world, and they all know each other, and all the recognizable tradmarks will somehow date another one of the recognizable trademarks, god forbid we invent a new character!

I know that in real life, it's not a shock that lesbian relationships (where there aren't kids) can end pretty quickly. But it still bugs me.

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