I like Chicago Fire, but the way they're writing it, they're set up to write out most of the main cast by the end of the season. I mean, not just that anyone could be written off randomly, but it feels like we're watching some of these characters' last year on the job.

I think Casey (whose fiancée has already dropped off the show), the chief, and Otis are mostly in the clear--at the moment. (Though earlier this season Casey kind of attacked a cop, so maybe not.)

Hermann's always looking for a new way to make money and might just quit, Severide is hiding an injury that could cripple him, Dawson is the hothead (OK, so are Casey and Severide, kinda, but she's a hothead on the job), Shay gets sucked into Severide's and Dawson's problems and could lose her job because of them, Mills has a mother who wants him to quit (and fits the doomed nice guy trope), and Mouch...is out of shape. And last week Leon (who seemed pretty solid) did something that he's now really torn up about.

Seriously, if this is a one-season show, they can have all the main characters lose their jobs by May. If it's not, seriously, did they give the whole cast one-year contracts? Everybody's set up to be able go at the end of the year.

At least it's a way to get drama for this season and foreshadow anyone leaving at the end of the season without it feeling random. Oddly, though, the one supporting character that already did have to leave the department did leave after a sudden random accident. And the way Hallie was written out was kind of out of left field too. (Then again, their departures help play off Severide and Dawson, and serve their arcs, so they're not totally left field thematically.)

So I don't know. Maybe this show goes for six years, and Dawson and Severide hold on all that time.



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