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New Howard the Duck #1, page 7: "You mean she's a weirdo, like me. Incredibly sexy, like me."
I decide I'll get this series regularly.

About the middle of the book: I hope they don't rely too much on cameos of other Marvel characters.

After p. 12 there was a double-page spread ad for the new end-of-all-things CrisisCrossover, looking very ugly and macho.

Then a new character on p.16: "I gather unique items and species for the Collector to safeguard when the universe is destroyed."

End of the book: So much for that NYC private eye set-up and supporting cast, he's in space with Rocket Raccoon now. I am disappointed and much less interested.

Oh, well, I buy too many comics anyway.


Feb. 27th, 2015 01:02 pm
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I haven't posted here for 5 weeks, yikes.

Still buying comics, but running out of money.
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I just posted a lot on Tumblr ranting about something, which started with me telling someone else to chill out. And I may come back and add more to that later. And I can lose so many friends in the process.

Argh, whatever.

And then, full of crabby self-righteousness, I left five comments on an scans_daily post griping about that. I kind of expected Marvel was up to something in the vein of a Crisis Crossover. I maybe just needed to have a venue to gripe about it.

And hey, I'm not imagining it, Dreamwidth did change the tag display on entries!
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Why Steve Trevor is the best male role model ever - Will Shetterly
...Wonder Woman has been saving Trevor's butt for as long as she's existed, and he's never been threatened by it, nor has he ever been emasculated by it. As I've said before and will say again, that relationship is my model for my relationship with Emma.

(I understand why lesbians want Wonder Woman to be a lesbian. What they don't understand is that a lesbian on Paradise Island is no different than a straight man in the US. To Amazons, Wonder Woman's love for Steve Trevor is queer.)

Will Shetterly gets it.

I am not a Steve/Di shipper (outside of the period in the 1970's where he was back from the dead and in on the secret identity). I got into Wondy in the 1990's, and that version of Steve was basically out of the book and married to someone else. But that dynamic, of a female lead who is a powerhouse with a male significant other who is closer to baseline, still holds for other Wondy boyfriends like Trevor Barnes and (to a degree) Jonny Double, and it's a good dynamic that pop culture could use a lot more of.

I reserve the right to prefer Shetterly's own super-couple in the Captain Confederacy Comics to Steve and Di, as characters. There the guy wasn't so much physically weaker as willing to concede power and position to his girlfriend, and actually did so. That's a good theme too.

no bingo

Jan. 3rd, 2015 05:32 am
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Now that amnesty is over, I’m kind of pretending to myself that I’m proud of producing absolutely no fic for trope_bingo, but that’s not true.

I actually started a couple of things at different times and didn’t finish them.

Ah, well.
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"Always daylight and never breakfast!?"

"Breakfast is for losers!"
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(copied from s_d)

Legendary artist Norm Breyfogle has suffered a stroke.
Norm has suffered paralysis on his left side (and is left handed). As an artist...that is devastating! Norm now needs months of extended care in a Nursing Home facility with daily therapy that will hopefully enable him to once again, continue his skillful art and regain his mobility to be able to walk again.

A Youcaring fundraiser has been established here.

(Note that because donations are being solicited via a third party/crowdfunding platform that does not have 501(c) status, donations are not tax deductible.)

Donation levels start as low as $1.00 USD. Please help out a great guy with a long road ahead!

I sent a few dollars.

I only vaguely remember now a surreal little Christmas story Norm wrote & drew years ago. "Santa's Ashram"? It may have been the first time I read something of his that was not Batman, and that was distinctly him.

I don't know if I even have that anthology now. Maybe I'll dig it up. Good luck, Mr Breyfogle.
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OK, let's do a post about my recent comics purchases:

Shaft #1 (Dynamite): I'm getting these for the Cowan/Sienkiewicz covers, I admit. Wait, can I afford to do that? OK, a Cowan/Sienkiewicz cover caught my eye, and I decided to give it a shot. This is an OK first issue, with a bit of backstory about a young John Shaft choosing his self-respect over crooked fight promoters. The interior story won me over. Bilquis Evely's art is decent storytelling art, closer to M.D. Bright than to Denys Cowan, and that probably serves the story well. David F. Walker's script is decent enough.

I think the only thing I actually disliked in this issue was an ugly and kind of gory house ad for "Smiley the Psychotic Button." Apparently this is where the Chaos! characters are published now.

Let's see, the next four are from Marvel:

Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1: In which Bendis and Cho get back together, IN SPACE! Yeah, that's pretty much it. It's what I guess is the present GotG squad: Quill, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, Groot, Flash Thompson in the Venom pants, and of course Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, who is as I recall the reason I'm even buying this (Bendis!) book.

Also, it has a nice Gamora-centric cover.

We get to see Rocket Raccoon drawn in a style not wholly unlike Frank Cho's Liberty Meadows funny animals, and vaguely Kirbyesque Skrulls, and a bunch of--look, should I cut for spoilers here? )

Spider-Man and the X-Men #1: I was not planning to get this series. But then I saw it on the stands, and I thought, "Hey, Spidey used to be a schoolteacher! Wouldn't it be cool if he were brought in as a chemistry teacher at the Jean Grey School!" Well, I flipped it open, and that's not what they're doing. Instead, he's some kind of "Special Class Guidance Counselor," brought in as a request of the dead Logan. I bought it anyway, though. It's trying to be funny, mostly. It gets in a jab at super-teams that sit around waiting to be attacked instead of trying to go out and help regular people, which I liked in a meta way.

And today's purchases:

Captain Marvel #10: OK, I wasn't too happy with the Flerken story, but this issue and the last are moving Carol's book into the position of my favorite comic book. This is somehow Carol's 100th solo issue, and it's a little oversized, with David Lopez splitting the book with Marcio Takara and Laura Braga. Parts of the book are narrated by different characters: Kit (Lt. Trouble), Jess (Spider-Woman), and Rhodey (Rhodey), giving natural breaks for artist switching. It says it's "part one of two" but it largely stands alone, even if there's a bit of tease at the end. Lila's still around, and it's pretty fun, even if the supervillain gambit was defeated quickly and implausibly.

Ms. Marvel #10: This is a third of four parts. Not an enormous amount happens outside of "trying to deal with the Inventor, and getting slammed by his machines," but what does happen moves the story forward. Kamala finds out why people are willingly joining the Inventor (it's sad) and Lockjaw gets kidnapped, and lots of fighting. Lots of fighting.
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Here's the link:

I personally favor a more human and less goddess-like Wonder Woman, but I agree that this issue had a bit too much JLA and DCU, and an odd sudden teddy bear! I also found Finch's Amazons a bit weirdly divergent from usual.
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So, there's a Nightcrawler series, and it's drawn by Nauck, who doesn't suck, and it's written by Claremont, and there are flashbacks to Kitty in her proper Shadowcat costume, and it's not like I'm boycotting Marvel the way I kind of am DC (I even bought a couple of issues of All-New Doop)--but I haven't been buying it and I don't plan to do so.

Why? Maybe because I'm afraid of it being part of a giant X-Men crossover (as Doop's series sort of was). Maybe because I was too big an X-Fan at one time and I just...I don't know. I had a sentence half an hour or so ago, but I have forgotten it.

I don't want to spend money on that nostalgia? I don't really like Nauck that much?

I might pick some up, but it's not on my pull list.
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I looked at my way-overdue, no-fanworks-done-yet, amnesty-about-to-expire-in-a-month Trope Bingo card:

bets / wagers hurt / comfort au: historical matchmaker au: fantasy
sharing a bed genderswap wingfic snowed in huddle for warmth
au: fairy tale / myth mind control FREE

au: alternate professions immortality / reincarnation
presumed dead unexpected friendship time travel road trip au: mundane
friends to lovers / friends with benefits fuck or die first time / last time kidfic trapped in a dream

Ugh, whatever. Lot of stuff there I couldn't make myself write, unless it were a few very sarcastic sentences.

Yeah, the mix of trying to write to trope and actually writing fanfic is just not for me. Well, at least being ineligible for the next one isn't losing anything I could use.
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I probably should make notes of when I bought particular comics, if only for my own reference.

I went to the comic shop today to drop off an order from Diamond Previews.

I looked around the racks. Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #1 is out, but I am avoiding SIXIS, so nope. (Yes, I know it's meant to be AXIS.)

But I said to the propietor, "I may regret this, but I want to see what the new beginnings have done to my star-spangled characters." Here's why:

I got All-New Captain America #1, after thumbing through it and wondering who Nomad was. I wish I'd just read the introductory first page, which explains it--and it's not Jack Monroe, it's Ian Rogers, I think. And I would have noticed that Remender wrote this. I hate giving him money.

I got a LEGO-cover Wonder Woman #36--first issue of the Meredith Finch/David Finch run. And it'll most likely be the last of that run I get. It's not just that it's not how I would do it, it's wildly at variance with what I think it should be. The visibly decaying Amazon crone was a weird, tropey touch.

However, I did get Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #4, which continues the Gilbert Hernandez story from previously; pretty fun. It also has a vaguely Bronze-Age-Earth-1-like story with the Bronze-Age Hawks and Byth, drawn by Tom Lyle, which is OK. And a who-even-knows-what-continuity story with a vaguely Golden Age Wondy and Etta fighting Ra's al Ghul, helped by Deadman; drawn by Dean Haspiel; Etta is HUGE.

So, yeah, Sensation is staying on the pull list. The others, I think not.
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I bought comics again. I am not yet actually ordering comics to get what I want, which'd be smart.

I got a Black Widow with whaddayacaller, X-23, and a Sensation. I haven't read them yet.

Oh, and I finally watched an actual episode of Constantine. I missed the first one, this must be second. It was actually...kind of charming and less cynical and bleak than one might expect. I mean, yeah, cynical and bleak enough for a show about John Constantine on NBC Friday nights at 10/9Cen, but the ghosts were actually kind of understandable if being manipulated, and the various bad guys (who were each others' enemies) all got their comeuppance. It could have been darker, really.
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So what it was, was that I didn't see any new issues of the comics I have been buying (Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, sometimes Guardians of the Galaxy) except Captain Marvel. And it was the second half of the story where the cat really is a flerken. And we see what a flerken can do. So now Carol has a crabby space-warping alien cat as opposed to Karen's crabby regular alley cat.

Aaand I just noticed that not only are Carol and Peege both blonde flying bricks with crabby housecats, but they're named Carol and Kara/Karen. Which I had not noticed because of calling Karen Peege all the time. Good grief! At some point you have to figure this is somehow intentional.


Oct. 21st, 2014 04:48 pm
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Well, I did buy a Captain Marvel when I was there.

. . .

Well, that's one way to differentiate her from Power Girl.
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So the last time I went to the comic shop, I found out that a) the owner wasn't buying non-pre-ordered She-Hulk because it "wasn't selling on the stands." Which was how I'd been buying it. And the series was about to end anyway.

Argh. Well, I may be done with print comics for a while again.
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A couple of days ago I decided I'd been sitting around the house too much, and I walked downtown and bought a stack of comics:

Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #1: Wow, I was not real happy with this. I don't like Ethan van Sciver's art in general, and the lead story was illustrated by him. I wasn't really that impressed with either script, either. Lots of weird fight scenes, not a lot of coherent story story, to me. Of course, I may have been in a bad mood because I read it right after three issues of...

Captain Marvel #5-#7: Three issues of this, mostly OK, and I like Tic. But I may have to give up on it. The cat really was a Flerken? That means the raccoon was right? That really changes the whole interaction we saw earlier, and I don't like it. I may be slightly angry about it. I guess that is one way to subvert the Power Girl parallels (blonde flying brick with energy projection and a surly cat).

Ms. Marvel #7-#8: Not bad. I like Kamala in her glasses for reading online, and the way she embraces Lockjaw apparently without knowing who he is. I just wish that the stories were a little denser or more complete somehow.

I think I'm getting a lot more judgemental about print comics than about webcomics. Hmmm.


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