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I probably should make notes of when I bought particular comics, if only for my own reference.

I went to the comic shop today to drop off an order from Diamond Previews.

I looked around the racks. Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #1 is out, but I am avoiding SIXIS, so nope. (Yes, I know it's meant to be AXIS.)

But I said to the propietor, "I may regret this, but I want to see what the new beginnings have done to my star-spangled characters." Here's why:

I got All-New Captain America #1, after thumbing through it and wondering who Nomad was. I wish I'd just read the introductory first page, which explains it--and it's not Jack Monroe, it's Ian Rogers, I think. And I would have noticed that Remender wrote this. I hate giving him money.

I got a LEGO-cover Wonder Woman #36--first issue of the Meredith Finch/David Finch run. And it'll most likely be the last of that run I get. It's not just that it's not how I would do it, it's wildly at variance with what I think it should be. The visibly decaying Amazon crone was a weird, tropey touch.

However, I did get Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #4, which continues the Gilbert Hernandez story from previously; pretty fun. It also has a vaguely Bronze-Age-Earth-1-like story with the Bronze-Age Hawks and Byth, drawn by Tom Lyle, which is OK. And a who-even-knows-what-continuity story with a vaguely Golden Age Wondy and Etta fighting Ra's al Ghul, helped by Deadman; drawn by Dean Haspiel; Etta is HUGE.

So, yeah, Sensation is staying on the pull list. The others, I think not.
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I bought comics again. I am not yet actually ordering comics to get what I want, which'd be smart.

I got a Black Widow with whaddayacaller, X-23, and a Sensation. I haven't read them yet.

Oh, and I finally watched an actual episode of Constantine. I missed the first one, this must be second. It was actually...kind of charming and less cynical and bleak than one might expect. I mean, yeah, cynical and bleak enough for a show about John Constantine on NBC Friday nights at 10/9Cen, but the ghosts were actually kind of understandable if being manipulated, and the various bad guys (who were each others' enemies) all got their comeuppance. It could have been darker, really.
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So what it was, was that I didn't see any new issues of the comics I have been buying (Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, sometimes Guardians of the Galaxy) except Captain Marvel. And it was the second half of the story where the cat really is a flerken. And we see what a flerken can do. So now Carol has a crabby space-warping alien cat as opposed to Karen's crabby regular alley cat.

Aaand I just noticed that not only are Carol and Peege both blonde flying bricks with crabby housecats, but they're named Carol and Kara/Karen. Which I had not noticed because of calling Karen Peege all the time. Good grief! At some point you have to figure this is somehow intentional.


Oct. 21st, 2014 04:48 pm
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Well, I did buy a Captain Marvel when I was there.

. . .

Well, that's one way to differentiate her from Power Girl.
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So the last time I went to the comic shop, I found out that a) the owner wasn't buying non-pre-ordered She-Hulk because it "wasn't selling on the stands." Which was how I'd been buying it. And the series was about to end anyway.

Argh. Well, I may be done with print comics for a while again.
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A couple of days ago I decided I'd been sitting around the house too much, and I walked downtown and bought a stack of comics:

Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #1: Wow, I was not real happy with this. I don't like Ethan van Sciver's art in general, and the lead story was illustrated by him. I wasn't really that impressed with either script, either. Lots of weird fight scenes, not a lot of coherent story story, to me. Of course, I may have been in a bad mood because I read it right after three issues of...

Captain Marvel #5-#7: Three issues of this, mostly OK, and I like Tic. But I may have to give up on it. The cat really was a Flerken? That means the raccoon was right? That really changes the whole interaction we saw earlier, and I don't like it. I may be slightly angry about it. I guess that is one way to subvert the Power Girl parallels (blonde flying brick with energy projection and a surly cat).

Ms. Marvel #7-#8: Not bad. I like Kamala in her glasses for reading online, and the way she embraces Lockjaw apparently without knowing who he is. I just wish that the stories were a little denser or more complete somehow.

I think I'm getting a lot more judgemental about print comics than about webcomics. Hmmm.
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I have no idea whether this will work or just be a boondoggle like solar roadways, but it's a neat idea:

Some links

Aug. 28th, 2014 11:05 pm
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I mostly enjoyed and was amused by this fic based on the Highlander mythos and Dwayne Johnson's eyebrow.

Cracked has a surprisingly well-researched and convincing treatment of police brutality in Saint Louis County here, interspersed with people farting. I think one comment called them out on confusing the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County, but the amount of sheer damning evidence they have for a department full of extremely bad cops is amazing.
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I am the worst Captain America fan. I'm one of the least flag-wavy people you are likely to meet, and thus not automatically a fan of the kind of trademark Captain America is, and I don't generally buy the book.

But I get really angry if you dis Cap the character. (This is in fact where my hatred of Mark Millar came from, and I know it's an overreaction, but it made sense to me in context.)

I know this is really strange.

At one point when I was a kid, I kind of wanted to grow up to be the Falcon. I liked Bernie, and Jack Monroe, and OK, I kind of wanted to be Nomad, too.

This is why "The Winter Soldier" (comics version) pissed me off. They killed off Nomad to bring back James Buchanan Barnes. Sales-driven shock schlock meets anti-legacy retro erasure crap.

...I just looked on to find out what happened to Jack's baby companion "Bucky"--and man, I was really out of touch with Marvel for a while and didn't realize how much the comics had messed up Jack even before. Now I'm sad and angry.

Wait, you say, isn't Wonder Woman also a flag-waving USA superhero? A-ha no. Wondy is a foreigner who cynically strategically adopted a costume that Americans would read as "patriotic superhero," but it's all just vaguely similar motifs. It's almost like Russian or Romanian heraldry, too.

Cap is a big old heart-on-his-sleeve New Deal patriot, and I'm a lot more cynical about my country than he is. Wait, let me rephrase that. Cap believes in the dream, and fights against the perversion of the dream while embracing the heraldry of the dream. I tend to associate the heraldry with jingoism and racism, and I decline the heraldry for myself, while respecting Cap's dream as a worthy dream. Something like that, anyway.

(I also tend to like other "national superheroes" from other countries. And that's one of the fun things you can do with Captain America: have him team up with Le Peregrine, and stuff.)

I'm wondering if I'll buy Al Ewing's Mighty Avengers series when it's renamed Captain America and the Mighty Avengers.

Good points:
Greg Land will be off the book. (Hey, remember liking Greg Land, when he was basically swiping from Immonen and Jason Pearson instead of tracing whatever he's tracing now? Well, actually some of the recent stuff on Mighty has been good. Forcing him to draw men and babies and stuff helps?)

Bad points:
I'm already kind of buying Captain Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk, and not real keen on adding more books to my budget.
I kind of don't want the Falcon to be Captain America. It's weird to me. And it's not the same as when John Walker was. I hope they can make it work. Maybe they can sell me on it.
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That thing about how I don't write? A few days ago, I was gonna.

I could see snippets of this story I wanted to script (and even of a sequel that may be too ridiculous). But I don't seem to have any actual writing time scheduled in my life. And it's big, and may require some research into Santeria, and then I wouldn't post it publicly anyway,

and never mind.

(Tom DeFalco driving a cab. Possibly eldritch lightning. Crowd scene with lots of real-world likenesses. Yes, a comic script that will never get drawn. Too bad I don't write.)

Oh, there have been other things I thought about, besides that one. But they're not getting written either, are they? Nope, looks like they aren't.
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At least I'm stopping myself from leaving comments on scans_daily that amount to "meh" or "(deep sigh)."
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So, apparently making joking references to a twenty-year-old Titans story doesn't really work in a current thread on Spider-Man.

Not everyone gets my jokes.

As for why I am annoyed by JMS, I don't know, maybe he's a punk who can't finish a story properly.

"Can we...come with you?" Ugh, ugh, gugh.
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I think I've read two Pratchett novels and change in my life, and that was a long time ago.
But the narrative voice in this fic (several years old now) seems reasonably Pterryesque to me:

Mister Vimes'd Go Spare
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When people say things like, "I'm so glad that Firefly/Serenity didn't continue," which is apparently a meme floating around out there, or, "I don't want the series to come back now the actors are old," I want to say, "You know there have been comics, right?"

I clicked on a banner ad, and got this page, which looks less like new comics than old ones, but maybe they are new to yo:
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I read Ferrett Steinmetz's LJ sometimes. He posted something about how he just doesn't know that much about the Palestine conflict, and, hey, I don't know a lot either, really, but that apparently doesn't stop me from having opinions, which I posted, probably stupidly.

So yeah.

I get where Israelis are coming from, I think. And I think Hamas is creating more problems for itself. But I do think the way the Israeli state was set up made one giant mistake:

If you're going to displace people and confiscate their land, make sure they have a place to go, and compensate them for their loss. That was not done.

There's a very high likelihood the fallout from that mistake will lead to Israel's end.

As a Yank, that means my country, as Israel's sponsor, gets involved in some way or another, I suppose.

Heh. I'm imagining something like Twelve-Step sponsors now. Actually, Twelve-Stepping might help in this case.

My name is Likud, and I'm a nationalist.

Hi, Likud!

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If you get an email from a friend that says:


Please review attached secured documents i uploaded through Google Docs Share Application for you, for additional security Log in with your email account to view it.

Delete the email and tell your friend that their email acct has been hacked. It's a phishing scam for your login info.

from esteefee
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Oh, hey, I have this blog I could use it.

Um. I have kind of started buying print comics again? But I think that budget-wise, I'm not going to keep it up.

Anyway, last few weeks, in two different trips to the comic shop, I have picked up the first two issues of the new Captain Marvel series, the first three issues of Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk #5 (with all the wide-angle shots, scans of which are what sent me to the comic shop in the first place), a couple of issues of All-New Doop (which is very much in the middle of a giant X-Men story, and rather weird), and an issue of Guardians of the Galaxy which lied to me by putting Carol (Captain Marvel) on the cover.

Yeah, basically this time I decided to go for the related trademarks of Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel. And of course there's Shulkie.

I haven't actually caught up on the Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel series yet. Back in June I bought the first issues kind of to see if I liked them. And I don't hate them (yet), so I went back a couple days ago and got a few more. But I am months behind.

Well, that's a boring post. What did you think of them, philippos? "I don't hate them (yet)."

Yep. Shulkie's the one I hope I keep enjoying, but I think Carol's series is growing on me. Even if it's crossing over with Bendis's Guardians of the Galaxy. I like the GotG emough to tolerate Bendis, I guess? I mean, I mock Bendis, but I'm not boycotting him.


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